Doitung Drip Coffee Medium Roast



DoiTung Arabica Coffee a quality product of the DoiTung Development Project social enterprises. Each bean is filled with unique flavor and fine aroma. Enjoying DoiTung coffee helps support the DoiTung communities’ self-reliance, and allows them to live in harmony with nature. DoiTung Arabica Coffee a choice for coffee lovers who love the light, smooth, and mellow flavor pleasant aroma and clear aftertaste. It is refreshing for your day of activities. Natural round coffee beans, peaberry are carefully selected and roasted to bring a distinctive aroma, fully body and lively flavor out. Drip bag coffee is not an instant coffee in a tea bag style; it is fresh ground coffee using high quality coffee beans. Drip bag coffee is individually packaged and can easily fit for your purse.

Dimension : W8.5 x H12 x D6 cm.
Weight : 60 g
Price : 150 THB

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