Based the design on the zero waste concept, reducing production waste to zero and the creation of value for the agricultural waste. Zero drip coffee set has a round unique shape, designed to be suitable for dripping coffee. The cup also designed to keep the right temperature, sending warm touch while you sipping the coffee.

ZERO has strong contrast colours and texture derives from ashes of alternative fuels from vetiver grass and macadamia nut shells, rendering matt white and glossy black on the surface of the product.


Zero Drip Coffee                       

Size: W 90 L140 H85 mm.

Price: 1800 THB

Zero Espresso cup & saucer  

Size: W 70 L90 H50 mm.

Price: 690 THB

Zero Coffee cup & saucer     

Size: W 90 L140 H75 mm.

Price: 1100 THB

Zero Tea pot     

Size: W 95 L160 H105 mm.

Price: 2100 THB

Zero Mug         

Size: W 90 L130 H110 mm.

Price: 890 THB

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